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Best Tea To Boost Metabolism

We have talked about black tea and green tea to boost your metabolism (if you need more info, check the resource box at the bottom of this post). Today, however, we would like to share with you another option that is not so well-known: herbal teas.

Herbal Tea To Boost Your Metabolism

Livestrong.com published this article on decaffeinated tea to lose weight and it is very interesting what they say about herbal tea:

Several naturally decaffeinated herbal drinks offer potential weight loss benefits. You could, for instance, brew a tea from raw ginger root, shown in several animal studies to produce weight loss. In one study, researchers from Kuwait University fed rodents a ginger extract. According to the report published in 2007 in the “British Journal of Nutrition,” the animals lost weight without altering their diets. Tea made from hibiscus also proved effective in weight loss, according to a study conducted by researchers F.J. Alarcon-Aguilar and colleagues from the University Autonoma Metropolitana. According to the report published in the “Journal of Ethnopharmacology,” the researchers’ findings supported the idea that hibiscus tea promotes modest weight loss. Read the complete story here.


Hibiscus Tea To Boost Metabolism (video)

In this video you will find out one way of preparing hibiscus tea. Our suggestion, though, is to ditch the sugar.

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