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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

Reviewer: Abby Young


Most of the fat loss diets that people take up can be a bit too rigid and this may be discouraging for the people who are looking to lose weight. They may not be able to stick to the diet plan. People who take up fat loss 4 idiots are allowed to eat any type of food that they like so long as they are disciplined enough to stick to certain guidelines. Everything that has an advantage definitely has a few disadvantages. This is what you will be able to establish when you go through the fat loss 4 idiots review.


You are allowed to take a few days off

Fat loss 4 idiots basically goes through a cycle where you stick to a strict diet program for 11 consecutive days. You are then allowed to take three days off this program and indulge in the food that you are used to. Once the three days are over, you can go back to the diet plan and start up on the cycle again. The good thing about this program is that the people who take it on are assured that they are at least able to indulge in the types of food that they enjoy from time to time.

Another unique thing about this diet plan is that one is allowed to have alcohol. People on this diet plan are allowed to have a glass of wine every day. Considering that there is also the three days off the strict diet regime where one can indulge, this makes this diet plan one of the easiest ones to follow. The people taking up this program are able to stay motivated.

You are allowed to come up with a meal plan you enjoy

People who take up fat loss 4 idiots have the luxury of using an online meal generator to come up with their own diet plan. There is a list of food options that a user can pick from and this program goes ahead to design your own personalized meal plan from the list of foods that you have selected. The number of foods that a person is allowed to pick from are limited and some of the comfort foods may indeed be missing.

Despite the variety offered by the generated meal plan, one is bound to get bored after a few cycles. The good news is that you are allowed to alter this by purchasing an upgrade. You get access to a guide known as ‘Beyond Calories’ and this basically has more food options than the ones you had access to in the online generator.

There is an option for vegetarians

There are a few diet programs that are known to cater for vegetarians. Fat loss 4 idiots is one of the few that does this. You can generate vegetarian meal plans from the online generator. Considering the fact that the vegetarian diet is low on saturated fats, the users get the advantage of eating foods that are healthy for the heart.

The Cons

Where’s the Science?

There are no scientific studies that are known to back up the cyclical diet program. Since one interrupts this plan to start eating the usual foods again, it feels more like a diet plan, the risk could be that you may put the weight back on when you begin to eat normally again. It may be better to try and find a diet approach that is long term vs a shorter term approach.

It can feel that the claims are marketing led

There are so many weight loss programs that are known to make dubious claims and this is the same with fat loss 4 idiots. There are claims that you can be able to lose up to 9 pounds by following the program for 11 days. If this were to happen then most of the weight loss would be water.

Lack of structure can be a bit confusing

This program is not so well structured. There are three diet plans involved and this can end up being a bit confusing for the user.

The Bottom Line

This is what we have been able to conclude about the fat loss 4 idiots review: This is a simple program to follow when you want to follow a diet plan, especially in the early stages of fat loss. It is a pain free method of shedding weight, it might be great if your planning to lose weight quickly for an occasion such as a wedding, holiday or just to feel better in a short space of time! If you are looking for serious long term fat loss then you will need to join a program that has a serious system that also involves exercising, diet and strength training. However, Fat Loss 4 Idiots is worth a try depending on your goals and needs.

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