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Fat Burning Furnace Review – How the Program Helps You Lose Weight

Reviewer: Abby Young


The creator of Fat Burning Furnace program is Rob Poulos. The basis of this program is the concept that it is possible to increase the rate of metabolism by performing the right exercises and eating the right foods. Since its launch, the program has gained immense respect and popularity. At the beginning of the eBook, Poulos explains the reason why the normal cardio workouts that most people engage in are not an effective means of losing weight, which is a welcome revelation for most people!

After reading this review you will get all the information that you need to make the decision whether the program can work for you!

Good things about the program

Pro: The program is detailed and actually makes sense

In Fat Burning Furnace, Poulos uses an in-depth sensible approach on what one needs to do so as to lose weight. The program recommends workouts for all fitness levels. If you haven’t worked out for a long time you can begin with the break-in exercise routines and then work your way to the advanced routines as you continue getting better in shape.

This program is based on scientific principles. You can increase your RMR (Resting Metabolic rate) by gaining more muscle and losing fat. The reason for this is that muscles burn more calories than fat tissue. You can significantly increase metabolism by gaining muscle. This involves using short but effective workouts.

Pro: No more long workouts!

If you do not like working out for long hours, you will love Fat Burning Furnace because its approach to exercise is short, sharp and high intensity. To achieve your weight loss goals, you just need to perform simple strength training for twenty minutes every day, three or four times a week.

You only need to perform a single set of exercises at a slow pace. This ensures that your muscles receive a workout that is extra effective. The system includes workouts for all muscle groups and this means that you can use it to work your whole body.

This system does not contain boring and long cardio sessions. Its creator states that the short strength training routines in the program offer you a better cardio workout than the workout you get when running or walking on a tread mill for a period of an hour. Ideal for all people, especially with our increasing busier lifestyles.

Pro: You can buy upgrades

This system comes in three levels namely blowtorch, ultimate and deluxe. The level that appears to be the best in comparison to the others is ultimate. However, the blowtorch upgrade contains 2 hours of videos where Poulos goes through each exercise routine to make sure you understand exactly what is required.

As a beginner, you should work your way through the basic, intermediate and advanced workout routines prior to attempting the routines at the blowtorch levels.

The challenging things about the program:

Con: Not a lot of emphasis on nutrition

This is basically an exercise program. The author explains the principles of nutrition in a detailed manner but does not spend enough time advising users on what to eat. If you compare this to the detailed exercise guides, you will find that the nutrition program leaves you with numerous food choices, which could be bad or good depending on your diet. The program offers nutritional guidelines, some sample meals and links to recipes that you can make on your own.

Con:You can sometimes feel a bit tired of the sales pressure

In the first twenty four pages of the book, Poulos strives to sell you his ideas and logic. Even though this is not bad, there are many attempts to advertise ProGrade food products. However, if you do not focus too much on this, you will find that the program is good.

The Conclusion

This program contains details about how exercise and nutrition affect your body. Poulos does not dwell on fad diets and he uses sensible explanations to explain why the program works. This is a great program for those who have damaged their metabolic system due to using fad diets. You can benefit from it regardless of your fitness level.

If you are looking forward to shaking up your weight loss routine and looking to begin a weight loss plan, you will find Fat Burning Furnace to be a great plan. The workout routines in this program are well described and demonstrated through photographs. The program comes with a sixty day money back guarantee. It has satisfied many customers who provide success stories and testimonials on its website.

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