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Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Review

Reviewer: Abby Young


There are a number of weight loss programs available in the market, which makes it difficult for you to make an accurate decision. Let’s have a look at Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” book and review the pros and cons of the weight loss program, to decide which program is suitable and right for you. The pros and cons are as follows:

The Pros:

The weight loss program provides an extremely tailored approach to weight loss.

‘Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle’ is primarily a body type diet. The concept primarily is based on the logic that people with diverse body types process foods in many different ways. It means one body type may perform well with a diet rich in complex carbohydrates while a different body type may require less amounts of carbohydrates to develop, remain healthy and burn fat fast.

The system of ‘Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle’ teaches you how to decide which body type you are. After studying your body type it determines and provides information you may require to design a diet and fitness regime plan which will be based on your specific body type and help you achieve the goals specifically for you. This is not a fad diet of the stars, but a personalised program for you and your body type which should mean you achieve better results.

Once you go ahead with your regime you can change your nutrition and calorie intake as required. This specifically tailored program will in theory result in more weight loss than the many other standard forms of weight loss programs.

This personalized plan provides you with a lot of nutritional information.

This weight loss program by Venuto provides you with detailed information regarding nutrition which you always wanted to know, moreover again it is precisely designed for your body type. Venuto puts particular emphasis on the vitamins, calories and macronutrients in your diet, which means that not only is this plan optimised for burning fat, but also for long term health benefits. The book dedicates 270 pages just on the topic of nutrition and its benefits to your body.

Complete guides are also provided to help you settle on your base metabolic rate and calorie intake for your body which again will help you plan and really understand your body’s needs.

One can purchase upgrades relating to the program book.

One can purchase supplementary information about author interviews and also qualify for a subscription to Ventuo’s webpage which is an additional feature other than the basic program book. All these bonus features are of a very high value, with the webpage itself providing long term information for months for you to study.

Some of the additional features of the website include a calculator and reviews of various products and recipes. It also features a forum where you can converse with like minded (and bodied!) individuals to gain tips and motivation along your weight loss journey.

The information provided is valuable to anyone who would want to get back to shape and lead a healthy life and not for casual dieters.

The Cons:

Not suitable for people who are casual dieters.

Just by reading this ‘Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Review’ you have saved a lot of time in reading the whole book which is more than 371 pages, and does not include the extra features you get with the pack. There are other extra additional features which can be purchased independently. Casual dieters can be besieged by the amount of available information.

Venuto is a bodybuilder which assists him in writing and thinking like a bodybuilder. He lays a lot of importance on developing a low body fat percentage. Information regarding competitive bodybuilding may be of little interest to you, but is very educational in nature and interesting to know, especially as you begin to learn ho your body works and metabolises fat through gaining muscle.

Exercising is not covered in detail

Everybody knows the importance of exercise in losing weight and also in bodybuilding. Venuto in his book concentrates more on the nutrition and its facts. Only 25 pages are dedicated to weight training.

Tom Venuto does emphasize the importance of exercise in weight loss and its effects on your body and also suggests some exercises, however he does not really explain how to do them. This means that a bit of the research is left to the reader. The workout examples in the book are in more of a list form than a step by step guide to doing exercises.

However, if you want any information about weight training you can find all the answers in the question part of the FAQ in the weightlifting section.

The Conclusion

The book is an excellent informational product with detailed information regarding weight loss and burning fat fast which has gained many devoted supporters. The book may not particularly suitable for someone who wants to lose one or two kilos, but is a great guide to learn how your own individual body works and what is required nutrition and exercise wise to ensure your body is sculpted and shaped for the long term future. This is a guide that will ensure your health is maintained and your long term goals are met for a fantastic body.

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