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Best Fat Burning Guides

The following product has received more great reviews from readers than any other.  It’s my personal favorite and I recommend that you check it out:

Best Overall Fat Burning Guide:

Fat Burning Furnace


I strongly recommend that you check out Fat Burning Furnace by Rob Poulos. What I love about this guide is that it is a simple step by step program that has workouts for all fitness levels, and the best bit is that if you do not like working out for long hours, you will love Fat Burning Furnace because its approach to exercise is short, sharp and high intensity rather than long boring cardio. Read my review here.

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These other guides are also VERY good and worth checking out. I’ve looked at dozens of weight loss and fat burning guides and these are the best of the best:

Best Nutritional Guide:

Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle


This guide is great as it gives you a personalized plan, specifically tailored for you. This specifically tailored program is one of the most comprehensive and easy to follow nutritional plans on the market  will in theory result in more weight loss than the many other standard forms of weight loss programs. This is not a fad diet of the stars, but a personalized program for you and your body type which should mean you achieve better results. Visit Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle review here.

Visit Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle


Best Belly Fat Reduction Guide:

7 Day Belly Blast


If you’ve been trying for years to get rid of your belly fat then this guide is definitely for you! This diet involves no starvation whatsoever and it is designed to increase your metabolism, while allowing people to eat lots of good food. The best bit is, the diet results in fast fat loss that will not rebound in the long run! Read the full review here.

Visit 7 Day Belly Blast


Best Extreme Weight Loss Guide:

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet


The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is not only one of the best fat loss diets I have seen, the added bonus is that if you do not see the results in 60 days then you get your money back! This reflects Joel’s confidence in his diet since it only takes you 25 days to lose 25 pounds! Where there is confidence, there is success, and plenty of testimonials that speak to the success of this diet. Check out the full review here.

Visit Xtreme Fat Loss Diet


Best Idiots Guide:

Fat Loss 4 Idiots


If you’re looking for a diet plan that has a lot of flexibility and allows you to still eat the foods you love, then this diet plan is for you. Fat loss 4 Idiots goes through a cycle where you stick to a strict diet program for 11 consecutive days. You are then allowed to take three days off this program and indulge in the food that you love. Once the three days are over, you can go back to the diet plan and start up on the cycle again, how good is that! Check out the full review here.

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