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New Study On Burn Fat Diets

A recent study reveals surprising facts about burn fat diets. Read on for the whole scoop as well as extra tips on how to exercise burn that fat FAST. Who wants to hang to it longer than necessary after all?

The Best Burn Fat Diet: Low-Carb Wins

Nutrition expert writer and food columnist for Yahoo Joanne Eglash published an article about the latest study on low-carb burn fat diets by National Institute on Aging and published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Revealing that when it comes to burning fat and preventing dementia low-carb diets are the way to go.

Adding to the evidence favoring low-carb diets: National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers discovered that study participants who ate a low-carbohydrate diet burned significantly more calories than those who ate a low-fat diet, according to USA Today in June. Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the study showed that participants burned 300 calories more daily on a low-carb diet than on a low-fat diet. To burn that many calories through exercise, a 150-pound woman would have to walk quickly for 45 minutes. The original article is here.


The Best Burn Fat Diets Companion

Exercise is the best companion to your efforts to lose fat and flab. However, here we advocate lever exercise to leverage your efforts as much as possible.

Kathleen Doheny provides very good tips on cardio to burn fat in her article for WebMD.  Check it out:

“Increase the days,” White suggests. “If you work out two days, go to three. Or if you’re jogging for half an hour, increase it to 45 minutes or an hour.”

Interval training — that is, alternating bursts of intense activity with bursts of lighter activity — is a good way to burn more fat, White says. “Walk for five minutes, then jog for five,” he says, then repeat. That strategy will burn overall more calories and more fat. If you are already jogging, jog then sprint to mix it up, he says.

Increasing intensity for a short period within your regular workout will burn more total calories and therefore more fat, Sedlock says. Original article.


Cardio Workout Video

If you want to jazz up or rather “mambo up” your cardio, you can use this short video for an extra boost of energy every morning before starting your day.


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