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Metabolism Calculator

In this video expert Brenda Watson gives you the formula to calculate your metabolic rate without a need for a metabolism calculator. You will always know how many calories you need to consume to keep your present weight at your present level of activity.

Now that you are your own metabolism calculator, let’s have a look at some tips that can boost your metabolism and burn fat fast:

8 Tips on How to Reduce Fat Fast
I see it time and time again. Eager folks join the gym by the hundreds, drop thousands on a personal trainer in the hopes of transforming their physique in record time. More often than not they are let down and leave disappointed with their dismal results. A recent study revealed what all great healthcare professionals already knew. Exercise is not the key to transforming your physique. You can exercise your brain out but if you do not have an appropriate nutrition plan to accompany your exercise program you will see virtually no results in terms of fat loss. You may get stronger, more flexible and have elevated energy levels but little to no fat will be lost. Now, add nutrition into the equation and all of sudden you will see difference in terms of fat loss and start to reduce fat fast! So, let’s have a quick look back over the 8 Quick Reduce Fat Fast Tips… 1. Know what…

No Sugar Dessert Recipes – To Help Burn Fat Fast

8 Ways of How To Burn Fat and Build Muscle
It is a daunting task to lose accumulated fat and build muscles. Gaining fat is easy, but it is very difficult to get rid of it. Burning body fat and building muscle mass can only be accomplished by following a balanced diet and exercise regime. It is important to understand that there are no miracle pills that will aid in helping to burn fat and building muscle. In the journey to attain physical fitness, there are no easy way outs or short-cuts available. The following 8 ways will help to burn fat and build muscle weight at the same time.

Best Fat Burning Guides

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