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5 Tips on How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

Lose Pregnancy WeightYour baby is finally here after waiting for nine months, congratulations! The excitement of having brought beautiful into this world is just so much and the feeling is so satisfying. It doesn’t last forever though because life has to go on. After giving birth, you may need to go back to work or generally your normal duties. You then realize that your old jeans don’t even fit. You need to go shopping for a new wardrobe.

You also realize that you have extra fat and lots of unwanted weight. This may at first even affect your self esteem since you no longer feel beautiful. You need to lose that weight so badly and will give anything to have your old self back. Here are tips to get back your old weight and make you feel beautiful again.

Check out these top tips on how to lose weight after pregnancy

Tip 1 – No Crash Dieting!

Remember that your body needs to get the best immediately you get your baby. Make sure that while breastfeeding you have a well balanced diet to replenish the energy you lost first. This may give you even extra weight but you need to remain healthy once you start working towards losing it. Keep snacks in the house to take frequently and take more fruits and vegetables. This ensures that you still have energy especially if you are breastfeeding. This ensures that you lose your weight in a healthy way.

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Eat lean meat such as boneless chicken and whole grains such as cereals and pastas. Do not go for foods labeled non fat. Some of them are loaded with hydrogenated vegetable oils which are not good for losing weight. Also avoid fast food meals. If you must take them ask for a salad instead of the fat filled fries and burgers. Do not starve yourself because this has implications on your breastfeeding baby.

Tip 2 – Drink plenty of water

Taking up to 8 glasses a day keeps you hydrated, speeds up your metabolism and fills you up so that you don’t eat a lot. Judge whether you are taking enough water by the color of your urine and the number of times you need to go to the bathroom. Your urine should be clear and you should be going to the bathroom every three to four hours. This is also good for your baby. Replace your sugar filled beverages like sodas and juices with a fresh lemon squeeze. Also try flavored water which has no calories.

Exercise regularly. Do not start with vigorous exercise. Start by walking around with your baby in a stroller. Aerobics can also help in losing the extra weight. Before you hit the gym get approval from your doctor first especially if you had a cesarian section. This prevents you from developing health problems while trying so hard to lose weight.

Tip 3 –  Get Enough Sleep

It may seem impossible to get enough sleep at night since the baby keeps waking you up to breastfeed. Not having enough sleep will subject your body to stress. It then produces some stress hormones that trigger weight gain. Take as many naps during the day as possible. Try to sleep whenever your baby sleeps. This ensures that you get enough sleep and this will help you in shedding the extra weight. Do this until your baby is old enough to sleep throughout the night.

Tip 4 – Breastfeed Regularly

Breastfeeding burns calories throughout the day. Energy is required to make the milk that your baby is feeding on. Therefore breastfeeding more means more milk demand therefore you end up burning lots of calories. Breastfeeding is also good for your baby for immunity and good health.

Tip 5 – Eat more ‘Super Foods’

These are the foods that are heavy in nutrients but light in calories. Milk and yoghurt are super foods since they are high in calcium. Lean meat, chicken and beans are also low in fat but high in protein and fiber. Fish is also another example of a super food. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids but low on calories. This gives you another way of losing weight in a healthy way.

The weight may not go away as fast as you may want. Be patient with yourself and give your body time to recover before you start working out. Remember it took you nine months to gain that weight so allow yourself equally sufficient time to lose it.

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