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7 Tips on How to Increase Metabolism

How To Increase MetabolismBefore we get into how to increase metabolism, let us first understand what metabolism is. Metabolism is a process through which the body converts food taken into energy and this gives the body the ability to function properly. After food has been taken, it is digested and all the useful nutrients are absorbed.

Depending on the amount of energy and fats that one has, metabolism can either be fast or slow. Slow metabolism results to more storage of fats leading to obesity or increase in weight. With a good metabolism one can lose weight as the body is able to digest food fast and absorb food nutrient.

Check out the following 7 tips on how to increase metabolism!

#1 – Increase metabolism through exercise

The metabolic rate can be increased through regular exercise targetting fat burn. One of the best ways to increase metabolism is to combine cardio with weight training, with this combination your body becomes a metabolic machine, even when at rest! Cardio burns fat and weight training builds muscle, which in turn increases the metabolic rate in the body – genius!  faster.

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#2 – Take Supplements

Another option on how to increase metabolism is by taking supplements. There are many supplements on the market which can be used to increase the metabolic rate. Some of the most popular supplements contain green tea, Vitamin B, Caffeine and even fish oil – check out your local health food store to see what suits you.

#3 – Green tea tablets/extract

Green tea tablets or extract have medicinal properties that speed up metabolism rates and increase the oxidation of fats in the body. Scientific research has showed that green tea extract has weight loss ingredients which go even beyond caffeine.

Green tea has compounds known as flavonoids which interact with other ingredients in green tea extracts to increase the amount of calories burned which in turn aids weight loss. Another ingredient present in green tea extract which increases metabolism is  catechin polyphenols. It helps in thermogenis and fat burning.

Green tea extract also has powerful compounds which help the body in fighting health risks. They also have antioxidants that help to fight cancer and aging. Green tea is a great supplement as it does not have any harmful side effects such as increased blood pressure or speeding up the heart rate, which many other supplements do.

#4 – Vitamin B Supplements

Vitamin B supplement is also another great tip on how to increase metabolism. It provides the body with energy and nutrients that are important in the process of metabolizing food. Vitamin B complex helps in the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose to provide the body with energy.

#5 – Increase intake of Fiber and Protein to increase metabolism

A good diet is required to maintain and increase the rate of metabolism. Metabolism can be increased significantly by taking enough proteins and fiber rich foods. These foods help the body in burning more fats and in return one loses weight. These foods also contain some enzymes that facilitate digestion and absorption processes.

Foods rich in fiber help one to stop craving for more food since they make one feel full for longer and therefore reducing the likelihood for overeating. Some of these foods include whole grains, spinach, vegetables, green tea, roots, broccoli, grape fruit, apples, fruits and seeds.

Fruits like citrus fruits, berries, apples are rich in pectin and contain vitamin C. Vitamin C enables the body to convert fats into liquid which in turn enables the body to remove excess fats easily. Pectin on the other hand helps the body to control the amount of fats that get absorbed into the body. These fruits also contain antioxidants which help in detoxifying the body.

#6 – Drinking water to increase metabolism

Another way of how to increase metabolism is by drinking water. Water plays a very important role in increasing the rate of metabolism. It is known that when the body is well hydrated the rate of metabolism increases. When the body is dehydrated, metabolism rate also goes down. We need to take at least eight glasses of water daily to keep the body hydrated. Enough water in the body enable the body to process food faster.

#7 – Eat small amount of foods regularly

To maintain a high metabolism it is recommended that we eat smaller portions more often. When the body is  starved, the body adjusts to a lower metabolism rate to burn energy slowly. When one eats more often the body adjusts and burns calories faster. It is important to make sure you eat breakfast to provide the body with energy for the day. If one skips breakfast the body slows down the rate of metabolism causing weight gain.

We hope these 7 tips on how to increase metabolism has provided you with some food for thought, try some of them out today and you will find not only will you look better, you will feel better too.

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