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Top 5 Tips on How to Get Rid of Love Handles

Get Rid Of Your Love HandlesLove handles are the excess fat deposits that form around the hips in your body. They also are an increased risk to your health as it is a buildup of visceral fat around the body organs which can lead to all sorts of health problems. So to live a healthy life, it is important to get rid of those love handles. This process is not that easy; it actually involves losing weight all around the body.

But luckily in this article, we are going to share our top 5 tips on how to get rid of those love handles today!

#1 – Sledgehammer Workouts

This workout helps in loosing fat all over the body. Any exercise that aids in fat loss all over the body is the best to help you out. This workout involves a lot of twists along the waist. This is what ensures that all the fat deposition around these places and also the hips are burnt down. Like any other exercise, you need not overwork yourself. Schedule yourself for six sessions per week. A sledgehammer workout session should last from 10 to 30 minutes.

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#2 – Cardio Exercises

Running and Cycling are effective ways to lose love handles. During these exercises, a lot of heat is produced by the body and as a result a lot of fat is burnt. These are methods which ensure that there will be no deposition of fats around the places once more since the exercise increases the amount of calories burnt by the body. After the exercise, the fat burning process is still very active until after a few more hours since the metabolism of the body will still be at a higher rate.

#3 – Weight Training

The main secret behind this is that with weight training, you build muscle. By doing so, excess fat is burnt so muscle building can take place. Don’t just focus on one area of the body, a proper workout routine involves the whole body. Start with weight training for beginners so that you give your body enough time and space to adjust. When you can handle all these with ease, you can now progress to the next level. When looking for ways on how to get rid of love handles, most people think they should just concentrate on that part of the body – remember it takes a whole body workout to lose your love handles – and you’ll actually find that your whole body will look great as a result!

#4 – Stability Ball Twist

This exercise will require a stability ball and a medicine ball. It is the best targeted workout for getting rid of love handles as it focuses more on the muscles around the waist and hips. Use the balls for support as you gradually twist your waist around. This should be repeated a few times during every workout for at least three days a week.

#5 – Eat the Right Foods

We are what we eat! 80% of our success is down to the types of foods that we eat. No matter how hard you exercise, you will never get the desired results on your desired body shape if you don’t eat the right fat burning foods. Think about incorporating natural fat burners in your diet such as lean protein, fish high in omega 3’s, fresh vegetables, and foods high in Vitamin C. Try to limit refined processed carbohydrate food products such as white breads and rice. It’s important to treat yourself once in a while but make sure you follow this way of eating for the majority of the time, it will boost metabolism and in turn boost the fat burning process.

We hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration from our top tips on how to get rid of love handles. Remember, if you concentrate on fat burning foods and fat burning exercises for the whole body, your love handles will definitely be a thing of the past!

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