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3 Top Tips on How to Burn Fat Through Exercise

How To Burn Fat Through ExerciseIsn’t it strange that when you take in a lot of calories they appear to build up as fat in areas such as your belly, thighs, chest and, buttocks. Well, interestingly it’s in fact your genes which figure out where you’ll store surplus fat on the body and in what way and when to burn surplus fat. For most of us the issue is not acquiring fat, but really how to burn fat.

How Your Body Burns Fat

Understanding how your body burns fat begins with some simple truths about how the body acquires its energy.

The body mainly uses carbs and fats for fuel. Little amounts of protein are used during work out, but protein is generally used to restore the muscles after workout. The rate of these fuels usually shifts based on the exercise you are doing.

For higher intensity workout, such as fast paced running, your body will depend more on carbohydrates for fuel than fats. That’s due to the fact the metabolic path ways accessible to breakdown carbs for fuel are more successful than the path ways accessible for fat breakdown.

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With a lengthy, slower work out, fat is needed more for fuel than carbs. In regards to weight-loss, it won’t matter what kind of fuel you utilize. What is important is the number of calories you burn up compared to the number of calories you consume. The main point here is: Just because you are utilizing more fat as fuel doesn’t mean you are burning more calories.

#1 – How To Burn Fat by integrating Low, Moderate and High Intensity Training

You have to integrate a blend of low, moderate and high intensity cardiovascular exercise. High intensity cardio (HIC) is an  exercise that feels demanding and leaves you exhausted for example, sprinting as quickly as you can for 1 minutes with a 30 second “rest”.  These should be performed in short bursts, e.g no longer than 15 minutes at a time. The benefits of a high-intensity workout is you can burn off a lot of more calories in one go and better yet, you do not have to invest a lot of time performing it.

Although HIC is a great fat burner, incorporating low and moderate exercises are great for body recovery and sheild you from over use injury. For medium cardio, you should be able to continue a conversation when doing these workouts for instance, a brisk walk, medium pace, and bike ride or a fifteen minute exercise using a cardio device.

For a Low intensity activity include exercises that will make you have a feeling that you’re able to perform them all day long, having a stroll, light- gardening or a light stretching routine.

For best results consider 3 HIC sessions per week and one medium and one low intensity to ensure you get the most from your cardio workouts.

#2 – How Burn To Fat by Lifting Weights

Weight Training is just as important as Cardio for turning your body into a fat burning machine. The more muscle mass the body has, the better the fat burning results! Weight Training helps to:

  • Maintain muscle mass – many diet plans can result in you losing muscle along with fat but the more muscle we have the more calories we burn!
  • Boost your metabolism – research has shown have more muscle mass boosts metabolism by up to 20%
  • Burn more calories –  weightlifting boosts calorie after – burn which means you continue to burn calories even after your workout!

#2 – How to Burn Fat through Consistency

It seems like a no brainer but frequent exercise is important if you want to burn fat, it’s not just about burning calories during the workout calories but consistency means your body adjusts and becomes a fat burning machine, even at rest!  When you exercise consistently your body:

  • Burns fat more effectively
  • Has improved circulation enabling fatty acids to maneuver through the blood to the muscle
  • Boosts the size and number of mitochondria that supply fuel for the body

So try these tips today – combine a range of cardio workouts with a regular weight training regime and your body can become a fat burning machine – even when you’re not in the gym. Got to be happy with that!

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