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8 Fantastic Foods that Burn Belly Fat

Foods To Burn Belly FatWe all want to look and feel better but we all know losing weight is not an easy task. Getting rid of that stubborn fat accumulated around the belly is a daunting task and requires some effective ways to burn it. As well as not helping us feel the best, belly fat has some major implcations on our health and is one of the major causes of obesity related diseases, like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. So getting rid of that unwanted belly fat will have some very positive implications for our health as well as our looks!

However, we all know it’s not easy!

Simply not eating is not the solution for fat loss. If you cut down on calories drastically and do not eat sufficient food then eventually your body metabolism will slow down and your health will deteriorate. Whereas, if you feed your body too much, the body uses some calories for energy and stores the extra calories get accumulated as fat deposits in the body.

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Here comes the perfect solution!

Incorporate foods that burn belly fat into your diet. These foods will supply sufficient fuel to carry out various metabolic processes in the body. Some foods have an accelerated effect on body metabolism and they boost the process of metabolism or break down of food in the body. These foods help to burn belly fat by increasing the rate of burning calories as well as stored fatty deposits in the body.

Here are our Top 8 Foods to Burn Belly Fat!

#1 – Lean Protein

Lean beef, chicken, pork, turkey and eggs: All these animal meat require more calories and time to get properly digested. Eggs are considered as wholesome meal that not just contain all the essential nutrients but also helps to stay full for more time.

# 2 – Get Fishy!

Tuna, salmon and sardines: Fish and other seafood are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that have strong effect on metabolism. Omega 3 fatty acids regulate the levels of leptin, hormone that is strongly related to fat metabolism.

#3 – Eat Garlic

Garlic accelerates the process of metabolism which helps in breaking down more fat deposits accumulated in the body.

# 4 – Thermogenic foods

Some foods stimulate the fat burning process and thereby help in breaking down fat deposits around the belly region. They initiate a thermodynamic burn that lasts for hours after you eat. The result is your body is burning fat even when you are at rest. Some of the examples of “foods that burn body fat” or have thermogenic effects are chilli powder, apple cider vinegar, mustard, celery and cayenne pepper.

# 5 –  Green Tea

Green herbal tea is one of the healthiest and easiest ways to burn fat around the belly region. Studies have shown that green tea contains catechins (antioxidant plant metabolites) that suppress lipid absorption in the diet. The caffeine present in green tea boosts your body metabolism and promotes fat burning process. Another way in which green tea helps lose stubborn fat around the waist line is by suppressing your appetite. Several studies have stated that green tea suppresses your natural appetite, which in turn prevents overeating and unhealthy eating, thereby preventing fat storage.

# 6 – Fiber

Fiber works by giving you a feeling of satiety, and hence preventing eating unhealthy snacks in between meals. Fiber is a difficult food for the body to digest. Therefore the body has to spend more energy and calories to simply break down the fiber contained in fat burning foods.

# 7 – Green Bean Coffee Extract

This unroasted coffee extract is the new buzzword in the weight loss industry. Studies have found that cholorogenic acid present in green bean coffee extract assist the body in burning high amounts of fat and lipids. This active ingredient also helps in boosting  metabolism which also accelerates fat burning process – Genius!

# 8 – Veggies

Great Veggies to burn belly fat are cabbage, beets and asparagus. These veggies work as diuretics which also increases metabolism and eliminates fatty deposits lodged in body cells. These diuretics break down the fatty deposits accumulated in the body into small chunks which are easier for the body to flush out.

So, get shopping and try these top 8 fantastic foods that burn belly fat today. Think how you can incorporate them into your daily eating routine and have fun creating the menu!

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