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Start Here To Boost Your Metabolism

Why should you care about boosting your metabolism?

By understanding how your metabolism works you can discover how to burn those unwanted pockets of fat – fast!

Where should I start?


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Learn what metabolism is as well as savvy tips to boost it fast.

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the rate at which the body burns calories. The faster the metabolism, the faster the fat is burnt. There are some factors like age, gender, heredity, health issues and weight that influence the rate of metabolism. A sluggish metabolism can result in weight gain and a high metabolism can result in weight loss. If you want to lose weight or if you want to maintain your body slim and trim, you should boost your metabolism!

So, the question on everyone’s lips is: How to boost metabolism?

#1 – How to boost metabolism through diet

  • Eat Breakfast! When you don’t eat for a long duration of time, the metabolism slows down. The body starts to store the fat to avoid starvation. When you have a healthy breakfast, you can kick start your body for the day and boost your metabolism rate.
  • Eat small and often. It’s better to take five or more smaller meals instead of three heavy meals. Frequent meals stabilize the blood sugar levels and keep on supplying fuel needed for metabolism without any break.
  • Make sure you snack! Many people believe that snacking is not good for the body. In truth, healthy snacks improve the metabolism. Fresh fruit like apples and bananas etc., raw vegetables like cucumber and carrot etc. as a mid morning or mid afternoon snack are very effective in boosting your metabolism.
  • Hit the H2o! Drinking plenty of water, especially ice cold water will speed up the metabolism. When you drink ice water, it decreases the temperature of the stomach, so it works hard to bring back the temperature of the stomach to normal. This increases the rate of metabolism naturally.
  • Don’t Starve! It may be hard to believe that dieting reduces your metabolism, but it is the real fact. You should have at least 1000 calories of food a day as your body needs it to keep going. Think of food as fuel!

#2 – How to boost metabolism through fat burning foods

  • High fiber foods like beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables help increase the rate of metabolism.
  • Too much caffeinated drinks may lead to addiction and other adverse effects, but drinking a cup or two of coffee a day increases the metabolism.
  • Green tea helps to boost the metabolism because it contains a chemical called catechin that speeds up the nervous system. This burns more calories and increases the metabolism
  • Add spices like cinnamon to your recipes. Cinnamon is a natural metabolism booster.
  • Foods rich in B-complex like eggs, spinach, asparagus and beans etc. or supplements must be taken to boost metabolism.
  • Nuts like almonds, cashews and peanuts etc. and green vegetables have rich magnesium content. All magnesium rich foods give a boost to the metabolism.
  • Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid to improve metabolism. There are many vitamins and minerals that are needed to boost
  • Although natural foods are good, you can also go for supplements that contain all essential components needed to give metabolism a boost. Everyone cannot plan their diet correctly and eat accordingly. For these people, supplements are a blessing.

#3 – How to boost metabolism through exercise

When you do exercises for at least for 30 minutes a day, your rate of metabolism remains high for the next 24 hours. Here are some of the best exercises to boost your metabolism.

  • Strength Training. Strength training is also called as muscle building. Muscle building exercises help in building muscles. It is a proved fact that lean muscles burn fat faster than the fat tissues. Lean muscles burn fact even if you are not exercising. Lifting weights, pull ups and squats etc. are some examples of strength training exercises.
  • Cardio Exercises. Activities like brisk walking, running, biking, hiking and jumping on trampoline etc. These activities help in burning fat and calories. They also improve the health of your heart. Cardiovascular exercises done for 30 minutes a day boosts the metabolism considerably.
  • Aerobics. Aerobic exercises boost your metabolism significantly. It burns calories not only when you exercise, but also after exercising. It also helps in maintaining a lean mass that is essential for improving metabolism.
  • All types of exercises increase the metabolism! Yoga and meditation also help in boosting metabolism. You can choose any exercise that you love to do. As long as you are physically active, you are sure to burn calories faster and increase metabolism.

#4 – How to boost metabolism through quick lifestyle changes

  • Sleep well.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Climb stairs instead of taking elevators.
  • Walk whenever and wherever possible instead of taking cabs.
  • Cook wherever possible and avoid fast food and soda drinks, go for unsweetened fresh juices instead.

Make some small changes in your routine and start to eat better, drink better, exercise better and sleep better to boost metabolism and you will certainly start to see the difference. Try a couple of these changes in your first week and see how much better you feel!

Abby Young

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